2017 - 2018 Academic Calendar

September 10th



First day of term 1

September 21st   

Islamic Hijri New Year

November 29th

 Parent teacher conference

December 3rd   

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) birthday

December 24th – January 1st   

Winter break 

February 25th – February 26th

Kuwait national day and liberation day 

March 14th

Parent teacher conference 

April 15th – April 17th

EASTER - spring break

April 24th

Al-Israa Wal Miraj

May 9th  

Graduation DAY

May 31st    

Last day for children 


The curriculum followed at Kidz is a blend of the methods of Froebel, Montessori and Pre–schools in the United States and United Kingdom.

Little Stars - 2 months onwards Twinkle Stars - 1 ½ to 2 ½ years Shooting Stars - 2 ½ to 3 ½ years

Our Objectives
  • To introduce the child to the joys of learning through play.
  • To channelize the child’s energy through recreational activities.
  • To still good habits, social manners and etiquettes in a child.
  • To enlarge the intellectual horizons and broaden the outlook of the child