Here you’ll be able to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions by the Director, Supervisor, Teachers, Other Staff Members, Parents and Prospective Enquiries.


  • What is KIDZ?

KIDZ is a preschool for children between the age group of 9 months to 4 years. It encompasses teaching methodology involving  interaction where children are encouraged to collaborate & help each other. KIDZ has adopted the philosophy of learning through play.


  • What does KIDZ have to offer in comparison to the other Montessori centers?

KIDZ is a preschool where the curriculum and the process of teaching have been made by blending the methods of Froebel, Montessori & Preschool of U.S. & U.K. KIDZ teachers are all trained, for better understanding of the creative curriculum, trained attendants, personal attention, regular quality check & control, hygiene & security are of prime importance at KIDZ. The curriculum is structured keeping in mind the interest and abilities of students with emphasis on their all round development. KIDZ uses multi-sensory materials and equipment, which are culture specific.


  • What are you teaching them?

In KIDZ, the major focus is on learning through play. Children are encouraged to enhance their innate quality by helping them to take active participation in different events and celebrations, as well as the children are encouraged to perform the activities through different scientific play equipments, which help in the developmental tasks both directly and indirectly. The curriculum of KIDZ is designed keeping in the mind the developmental milestones of the children. It is age appropriate, which involves lessons on language skills, number work, creative activities, and general awareness with lot of emphasis on physical, motor & sensorial development. KIDZ imparts the basic knowledge of life, which helps children interact with the outside environment with a positive outlook and help them to grow up with a sound personality.


  • What is play way method?

In play way method the children are given enough freedom to express their feelings & also the teaching methodology involves the complete interaction of the children with the environment and encourages them to help each other. They learn through play as the curriculum is structured keeping in mind the interests & abilities of students with emphasis on their all round development.


  • What are the safety measures?

In KIDZ safety measures are as follows:

  1. Optimum adult and children ratio in classrooms, maintained in each classroom so that each child gets proper individual attention.
  2. The classrooms are being cleaned before & after the class as well as in between attendance hours.
  3. The staircases are properly padded.
  4. There are covered manholes around the centre.
  5. The corners of the furniture have the round edge to avoid accidents.
  6. The equipments used are child friendly and age appropriate.
  7. The sanitary fixtures are very much child friendly. Example: the wash basin is of low height, and reachable for a child.
  8. The toilets are cleaned regularly.
  9. Mats are used while performing any floor activities.
  10. The children are made to wear the aprons provided by the parents during any messy activities.


  • What are the Unique Methods you have?


The Unique Methods are as follows:

  1. Learning through play.
  2. Giving first hand experiences to the children regarding different concepts.
  3. Learning through song, stories & rhymes & movements.
  4. Performing various activities through different kinds of scientific play equipments.
  5. To make our KIDZ children acquainted with social customs & culturally rich through various events & celebrations.
  6. Oraganizing Field Trips to impart the concrete knowledge of the facts of day-to-day life.
  7. Performing various art & craft work to develop Aesthetic development


  • What are the benefits of getting a child admitted to KIDZ?


The benefits of getting a child admitted to KIDZ are as follows:

  1. The children will have enough freedom to perform their own tasks.
  2. The children are being taught to maintain discipline without any scolding or corporate punishments as these are completely prohibited in KIDZ.
  3. The children learn through play way method by performing their activities with different kinds of scientific play equipments.
  4. The children are being taught by the qualified teachers in KIDZ.
  5. In KIDZ each and every child is getting individual attention as a proper adult & child ratio is maintained in the classroom.
  6. Proper hygiene is being maintained in KIDZ.
  7. The children are more exposed to the practical life, as in KIDZ various field trips are organized where the children get concrete knowledge of the facts of the day to day life through different interaction.
  8. Various cultural programs, events & celebrations are being organized in KIDZ where children are encourage to take active participation in which helps them in return to uphold their innate qualities.
  9. The KIDZ curriculum is based on songs, stories & rhymes & movements, reading, writing & arithmetic, according to their age group, which will enhance their development al tasks.


  • What do you do to increase the child’s vocabulary?


To enhance the language development of a child KIDZ performs various activities, which are as follows :

  1. To start with the phonetics then gradually words/ vocabulary are introduced according to the age group.
  2. KIDZ provides various stories, songs, rhymes & movements & dramatic play according to the age group, which enhance the language development of the child.
  3. The child is given enough freedom to express their views & to interact with the elders as well as the peer group, which encourages in the language development of the child.
  4. Introduction of the sand paper letters also helps in developing the language of the child.
  5. Free conversation between teacher & child.


  • What will be the ways of punishing the children ?


KIDZ does not support any sort of punishments rather children are given enough freedom to express their feelings. Rather disciplining is given more stress and major focus. Punishment leads to a feeling of inferiority in the child. At the most a child can be explained not to do a certain thing or not to behave in a certain way and explained as to why the behavior is not acceptable.


  • Are the attendants good or they are harsh towards kids?

No, the attendants are not at all harsh towards the kids, as during KIDZ  Training, we have  a special session for the attendants’ training, where the following points are being highlighted:

    1. Understanding children and their needs
    2. Importance of health and hygiene
    3. Importance of Language
    4. Care of surroundings and Equipments
    5. Role of Helper in Classroom Activities
    6. Rules to be followed


Besides, KIDZ is provided with the Attendant Manual by ZILS, which ensures easy understanding of the process and thus guides the attendants. Along with this, attendants are supervised throughout school hours.


  • What is the proper age for a child to get in playgroup?

The proper age for a child is 1.5 onwards to get admission in Playgroup.


  • What about the home works?

In KIDZ there is no formal homework. If a child is absent the worksheets completed during the absence are sent home.


  • What is KIDZ’s mission?

“ Our mission is to help young minds grow and learn in an amicable environment resulting in their all-round development”.


  • What is the main benefit of getting my child admitted to KIDZ?

Child is encouraged to learn by arousing their curiosity and learning through trial and error method. This kind of learning fosters natural learning in child instead of making learning dull and uninteresting.


  • How is KIDZ different from other pre-schools?
  1. KIDZ fosters natural learning in the child through encouraging curiosity.
  2. The creative curriculum is rich covering best of three methodologies i.e. Montessori, Froebel and U.S. and U.K. Preschool method.
  3. Play materials are imported and scientifically designed. KIDZ encourages “Learning through Play”.
  4. Optimum Adult Child ratio.
  5. There is uniformity across regarding the curriculum and its implementation.
  6. Training Program is imparted by experts at KIDZ making the teachers well equipped with the implementation of the curriculum.


  • Is my child getting individual attention?

Teachers are trained to give their best to the child. Moreover each child is unique and learning is imparted to the child according to the child’s individual abilities and capabilities. Since the ratio is less compared to other preschools, teacher can give equal importance to all children.


    • Will my child understand all the things that you will teach them?

Children are taught keeping in mind their ability to grasp information. Learning is given to children on individual basis but group activities are also equally focused to enhance their social development. The teachers also see to it that the concept is clear and understood by each and every child. If a child has difficulty or has not understood certain concept, it is explained again. Also the child is given time so that he/she can understand the lesson before proceeding to the next session.


    • How is the environment here?

The environment in KIDZ fosters learning in children at the same time letting their joy surface through playful activities. Apart from this Physical & Emotional security is given to the children.


  • What is the proper age of a child to get admitted in a play school?

Preschool years are very important and crucial years in a child’s life. The early experience in his life has a lasting affect on his/her life. Hence the right age to start preschool education is from 1.5 to 2 years.


    • In KIDZ students only play or do they learn also?

In KIDZ students learn through playway method, which is based on Froebels kindergarten method and Maria Montessori method. Children here are learning a lot of things in practical aspects through play materials and equipments. Students also do a lot of activities as per the creative curriculum.


    • How do you provide friendly / good atmosphere for children?

Children are allowed to play, explore, enquire, express themselves, which leads to their happiness. The teachers are warm, amicable, approachable and loving towards the children and other staff members are also careful in projecting good and decent behavior, which ensures a good atmosphere.


    • How do we deal with hyperactive child?

Directing the child’s attention to a specific task for 1 min everyday can control Hyperactivity; this can be done on a regular basis to reduce the level of hyperactivity. We would have to bare with his hyperactivity for sometime till it subsides on its own. If hyperactivity is absolutely uncontrollable then parents are notified to get professional help like that of a psychologist.


    • Does KIDZ have their school uniform?

Yes, KIDZ has its own school uniform.


    • How can we make our child smarter?

Encourage your child to take part in activities, encourage by giving incentives like taking them out for a walk whenever the child does some good work, and encourage the child to express himself better.


  • How can the child learn manners?

Children are taught manners in school and similarly the manners have to be projected at home. Elders in school and home should be projecting good manners in front of the child because the child learns through imitation.


  • What are the objectives of KIDZ?

The objectives of KIDZ are as follows :

  1. To introduce the child to the joys of learning through play.
  2. To instill good habit, social manners and etiquettes in a child.
  3. To channelize the child’s energy through recreational activities.
  4. To enlarge the intellectual horizons and broaden the outlook of the child.

The curriculum followed at Kidz is a blend of the methods of Froebel, Montessori and Pre–schools in the United States and United Kingdom.

Little Stars - 2 months onwards Twinkle Stars - 1 ½ to 2 ½ years Shooting Stars - 2 ½ to 3 ½ years

Our Objectives
  • To introduce the child to the joys of learning through play.
  • To channelize the child’s energy through recreational activities.
  • To still good habits, social manners and etiquettes in a child.
  • To enlarge the intellectual horizons and broaden the outlook of the child